Electrostatic Painting For Industrial, Commercial & Residential Projects

Electrify your next painting project. At Midstate Manufacturing, we provide clients with a smarter way of using liquid paint. No drips and uneven finishes. Just hard science.

Metal Surface Painting

Metals are one of the most frustrating objects to paint. The color refuses to stick, and the paint does not create a uniform film. But, with our on-site electrostatic painting services, you can now achieve the same level of paint cohesion for your projects as you would on a piece paper.

As long as the surface conducts electricity, you can count on our metal painting and refinishing services to provide results vastly superior to their hardware store-bought equivalents, both in looks and durability.

How It Works

Static electricity, the same force that makes your hair stand on end or a doorknob give a shock after you walk on a carpet, apparently was the answer to making paint stick to metal all along. As we run an electrostatic charge through both the piece and the paint, it forces them to bond. After that, we conduct a curing process to make sure the color stays even and stays there.

People are realizing the advantages of indoor and outdoor electrostatic painting. In fact, it may even become the standard painting practice in the following years. It looks better, lasts longer, and wastes less paint. At least 95% of the paint we use sticks to the surface using this method.

A modern way to paint metal is here. Contact Midstate Manufacturing for your next painting project.