Metal Fabrication and Assembly in Indianapolis

It’s all about experience and capability when it comes to metal fabrication, and you’re sure to find both within Midstate Manufacturing’s high-tech Indianapolis facility. From loyal clients who trust us with their most ambitious metalworking projects to walk-in customers looking for quality work regardless of scale, you best believe that our 12,000 square-foot facility can fabricate whatever metal object it is you need.

We Make It Happen

From food processing equipment to military R&D products, our skilled team has done it all.

Do you need some pieces of steel joined? Our welders will make it happen with their experience fusing metal seamlessly by means of either metal inert gas (MIG) or tungsten inert gas (TIG).

Do you want metal at just a certain size, shape, or pattern? We will use the latest equipment and techniques to saw cut, laser cut, drill, mill, and everything in between to create the most faithful steel fabrication of your metal product design.

Do you need a blueprint for your concept? Head over to our Indianapolis facility and our team will do their best to assist you in every step of the creation process — from the drawing board to the final coat of paint. We coordinate with our clients at every turn, be it design, assembly, painting, testing, and crating. Our work involves no less than the highest standards for metal fabrication, and we stick to that standard from start to end, regardless of how fleshed out your concept is the moment you walk in.

Customer satisfaction has always been our priority no matter the scale of the project. Whether you need metal components made to exact dimensions, or just wish to turn your idea for a metalworking project into reality, Midstate Manufacturing is the place to be.

A Professional Process

You’d be hard pressed to find someone engaging in Do-It-Yourself steel fabrication in Indianapolis or anywhere for that matter. The skill, experience, and acuity required to pull off the most basic of projects is already daunting for many, not to mention the bulk and cost of the equipment required to see those projects through. There is also the issue of safety when it comes to working with metal. Trust a company that knows how to make a metalworking project succeed – not just at the end but at every level of the fabrication process.

Safety and quality go hand-in-hand in our profession. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the necessary equipment, guided by rigorous safety standards, and staffed by some of the most skilled, hardworking, and ingenious metalworkers you’ll find in the Midwest.

We value our craft and the people we work with, and it shows. There are many ways to fashion metal, and we have the combination of equipment and personnel to fulfill even the most demanding projects, with the most exacting specifications, to the most urgent deadlines. Professional is what we are, and we have proven it countless times with the quality of the work we put out.

Let’s make it happen. Midstate Manufacturing is your one-stop shop for metal fabrication in Indianapolis.