Powder Coating Services

Never wait and watch paint dry again. Ditch the wet paint for your project — use Midstate Manufacturing’s state-of-the-art powder coating services.

More Color, Less Paint

Powder coating is the gold standard of industrial painting. Not only is it tougher, thicker, and more even, but a powder coat finish also gives any object that professionally painted feel you simply cannot get with a brush and a can of paint.From your home appliances to your car, powder-coated metals provide the durability and reliability liquid paint barely provides before it begins chipping away.

How It Works

By using an electrostatic gun, our team applies a thorough, even layer of quality powder coating to any metal object. We then heat the piece to transform the powder into a nice, uniform film. Finally, we let the film solidify by lowering its temperature.

Of course, there are special considerations when it comes to applying uncommon colors on uncommon shapes, but rest assured that we here at Midstate Manufacturing are equipped to handle even your most demanding powder coating projects.

Give or Take

If you have a powder-colored piece you wish to de-color, we can help you with that as well. The typical organic solvents won’t do anything to this type of paint; our team will have to use sandblasting equipment instead. After the procedure, you can even go for another powder coating. We offer a myriad of color options for you to choose from,whether you are using the powder coat as a design or usability feature. If you wish to keep the piece uncolored, the sandblasting procedure at least leaves it with a smooth and shiny finish.

Color your product the same way industry leaders do. Contact Midstate Manufacturing today.